Back in 1986

the idea of Ing. Saverio Giangregorio took shape, to implement a new type of therapeutic application, using predetermined ranges of radio frequencies. It took years of studies, tests and continuous work before reaching the results known today.
The results, from the beginning, have been increasingly encouraging and have determined the element of credibility and differentiation with all the other known physical-instrumental therapies.
This new application has been called “Regenotherapy®”. Many years have passed since April 1986 and much has been done in the field of physical-instrumental therapies, but the real novelty remains the Regenotherapy®.
This new therapy can be applied to various branches of medicine.

What is Regenotherapy®?

The function of Regenotherapy®is to normalize the cellular activity of the tissues, reactivating (when possible) the ionic exchange of the bio-elements, through the emission of “dedicated” radiofrequencies. The main purpose of Regenotherapy® is to reactivate and maintain the natural (but complex) cellular interchange, in the best possible condition. To achieve this, studies have turned towards cellular energy and, specifically, bio-molecular energy. In fact, every living organism corresponds to an organized bio-molecular system, according to very specific schemes. The more the system is organized, the more energy is needed to maintain that organization. The link that holds this organization together is a complex system of ionic-molecular communication codes. In turn, the ionic-molecular codes correspond to a very large number of frequency units that oscillate autonomously, giving rise to an infinite series of cohesions between the bio-molecular elements, which are part of the same fabric. The basic principle of Regenotherapy® is to re-establish normal ionic and biochemical interchange in the extra and intracellular apparatus of every living organic tissue. This condition is favored by the artificial reproduction of the enormous quantity of chemical signals, useful for rearranging cellular interchanges, acting, in particular, on the activation of protein phosphorylation; since this is one of the most immediate intracellular biochemical responses to many extracellular “signals”. Phosphorylation is one of the main mechanisms that the cell has to activate or rapidly inhibit enzymes and other proteins, thus modifying the nature or level of their biochemical activity in a short time. In fact, as the various paths are traced, in all their biochemical details, the points by which these pathways interact become clearer, thus creating a basis for a real understanding of how cells integrate the various signals they receive , to finally produce a suitable response to every particular need.

Why choose Regenotherapy®

Accelerates tissue reconstruction, reducing it up to a quarter of natural time, improving the general clinical picture;

1. It is an anti-inflammatory and a painkiller;
2. Total tolerability on the part of the patient;
3. It is not an invasive therapy;
4. Not addictive;
5. It has no particular contraindications except the use for pregnant women and people with pacemakers (for precise provisions of the CE regulations);
6. It does not cause a worsening of the clinical picture;
7. It does not cause annoying or noticeable physical effects, such as: small electric shocks, tingling, diathermic effects or vibrations, etc. ;
8. Does not require the presence of the therapist or operator during the applications;
9. There is no possibility of viral infection;
10.It is not a transient or palliative therapy;
11.The treatments are not affected and do not affect some devices in the vicinity, such as: radio signal sources, magnetic fields, electrical appliances in general, other therapy devices, electric generators, computers, telephones, etc. ;
12.The technology developed in 1986 has been continuously updated and improved;
13.Consultations: technical and scientific, can be requested directly at our Information Center in Switzerland;