Technological needs

Technological needs are constantly evolving and therefore require constant updating on our part. In the technological world, to be first in our field we need continuous research and evolution. On this principle Novatech-Solutions SA® dedicates resources and investments to Research and Development activities.

Fundamental principles of Regenotherapy®

Regenotherapy® is based on Cyclic Interferential Modulation (CIM), i.e. on a radiofrequency signal (high frequency from 1 to 450 MHz) which is transmitted with particular wave amplitude and frequency characteristics, interacting on the activity of living organic tissue ; The signal repeats over time in a cyclical pattern, adaptable to clinical applications.

Regenotherapy® is a multifrequency application transmitted by appropriate transducers (antennas), with limited signal power (0.15 mW) which acts on internal and external tissues, inducing an acceleration of cellular exchanges, the improvement of cellular respiration and the consequent possible tissue reconstruction as in painful pathologies and reconstructive inflammatory states. It is encountered in orthopedic and post-traumatic rehabilitation, dermatology, dentistry.

The signal produced by the instrument determines a modification of the permeability of the cytoplasmic membrane, with consequent electrolyte rebalancing. In the presence of pathological decompensation, the application of these defined radiofrequency signals determines an internal and external rebalancing of the cell.

The application of modulated and pulsed high frequencies, however, gives all the benefits of the penetration of radio waves, without significantly heating the tissue, due to the relatively long pauses between one pulse and the next (ORTOLEVA PJ, 1981 – “Biological effects of non-ionizing radiation”, in: ACS Symposium Series, KH Illinger Ed., Washington DC)

Regenotherapy ® has given good effects on connective tissue and in venous and arterial diseases of all kinds, in which it has been ascertained that controlled electromagnetic fields force the synthesis of hyaluronic acid, a basic component of the connective substance and of the pericapillary sleeve. Clinical studies have demonstrated that the greatest effectiveness, in these pathologies, is obtained with pulsed radio waves of controlled amplitude (max 0.15 mW), with low emission flux density, to obtain an analgesic and hyperaemic effect; as well as, for a cure, real, anti-edema and histotrophic.

This enhances the differentiation process of mesenchymal cells and restores the chemical-physical characteristics of the vessel/membrane interstitium, significantly lowering capillary permeability and promoting the resumption of normal circulatory vasomotility.

One of the physical factors that influences the remodeling of the skeleton is the so-called piezoelectric effect of the bone. During movement, the activity of the crystals that constitute the mineral content of the bone, subjected to traction and compression, generate electrical currents that favor osteoblastic activation and bone apposition.

In the field of rehabilitation, the piezoelectric effect of electromagnetic waves plays a similar effect, polarizing collagen molecules, the main component useful in regeneration, resulting in a flow of electrolyte (ionic current), through the burst of the lesion. The piezoelectric effect of electromagnetic waves accelerates tissue reconstruction, possibly removed (osteotomy) or lost (osteoporosis) or bone reconstruction due to fractures

Regenotherapy® is based on this principle, without the side effect of the increase in temperature, typical of low frequency emissions (such as Marconi or Radar-therapy) which causes heating of the deeper tissues. It has been demonstrated that a 1°C increase in intra-articular temperature determines the tripling of proteolytic enzymes and, therefore, the acceleration of cartilage and synovial degeneration.