REGENO AURICULOTHERAPYit can be applied on the points directly connected to the Central Nervous System (therefore the most suitable for sending the endogenous signals of systemic information generated by “Regenotherapy” to the regulation centers) and on those which, according to the Chinese acupuncture tradition, are used to influence the related organs directly. In fact, if the Regenotherapy system aims to act mainly at a central level, compared to other similar methods it allows for a more personalized and broad use in an acupuncture sense.
REGENO AURICOTHERAPY has been designed to be applied on Organo-Reflex Auriculotherapy (PAOR) points. The acquisition of the auricular points necessary to practice NeuroMotor Unlock and PNEI Activation, pillars of the Regenotherapy method. These points can rightly be called NeuroPsychological Auriculotherapy Points (PNPA).