It is a Swiss company engaged in scientific research and manufacturing of medical devices. Our main products are Regenomed® and Odonthomed®; both devices are used in Regenotherapy® treatments. Both Regenomed® Odonthomed® that, although devices with advanced technology dedicated to the emission of radio frequencies, are extremely simple in use. Their main purpose is to normalize the cellular activity of tissues in order to reactivate the ion exchange of bio-elements.

All physical-instrumental therapy products NOVATECH – SOLUTIONS SA® are covered by an international patent: do not exist then the same conception equipment on the market; thus becomes further proof of the validity of our products for the benefit of scientific research to improve the quality of life. NOVATECH – SOLUTIONS SA’S® COMMITMENT TO HUMAN WELL-BEING.

For this reason, an academy has been established that is available to all doctors and operators of users of our equipment. To create a network of exchanges on the results obtained, in order to optimize and improve operational techniques.

Our staff are providing our customers with the best after-sales service and the best technical and scientific support.



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