New projects and proposals

During recent years, new projects have been developed, to be placed in a market that is attentive to the latest technologies, but above all, connected to the needs of a sector that requires ever greater attention and efficiency. The projects, listed below, become part of the products, unique in their kind, of the categories: therapeutic and preventive diagnostics.

IONODERM: – Equipment suitable for surface sterilization of: wounds, burns, abrasions, decubitus, erythema or anything else derived from accidental or pathological causes that have characterized or may be a cause of infection, due to the presence of bacteria or viruses.

SCOLIOTEST: – Scoliotest is a diagnostic device, for the prevention of scoliosis and kyphosis, already in school age.

LOGOMED: – The Logomed consists of a small, easy-to-use pocket device. Its purpose is to facilitate, for those suffering from stuttering or having difficulty expressing themselves verbally, the possibility of having a significant improvement

AURICOLOTHERAPY: – This device developed in two models, one for those already in possession of Regenomed and the other created independently. This was designed to be applied on Organo-Reflex Auriculotherapy Points (PAOR). The acquisition of the auricular points necessary to practice the NeuroMotorio Unlock and the PNEI Activation, pillars of the Regenotherapy method. These points can rightly be called Points of NeuroPsychological Auriculotherapy (PNPA).

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